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Dee Bomb featured in CanvasRebel

What up world, Dee Bomb here and I got a few things to bring up to you all for your enjoyment.

Make sure you give the article a read and hopefully you enjoy it. Peace

10 Year Veteran in this Game!!

10 years ago on this day, I decided to finally put out a retail project, “The Rehearsal EP”. I figured looking at the 22,000 mixtapes that were downloaded, I can sell at least 600 copies lol.

I’ve done a lot in the last 10 years to get to where I’m at and although it has its ups and downs, it’s still hard to grasp the idea that I’m actually turning my dreams into reality. I went from performing at the Red Sea then at the myth and then multiple regions of the country and back to headline at Mall of America, the largest mall in the country…. bruh there is a picture that I’m in as well as signature inducted in a museum for #ItsaGoodDayinTwinCitiesHipHop no matter what I’ve made history in Minnesota because of that.

I sold thousands of copies and I think you all for the support. 250,000 streams, I have a DJ career as well as education in audio engineering and production….. My company Bangin Noize Entertainment has been recognized in black business week and then some. That life altering moment in my life is what changed and made me push harder in my career where I’m happy to say that I officially work full-time and entertainment and although it has its moments I will not change it for the world.

I thank everyone for their support and believing in me. To everyone that hated and doubt it, I told yall I will make it work….. Is very rare that I sit down and acknowledge what all I’ve done in these last 10 years. I know the next 10 is going to be dope on the legendary level.

The Rehearsal EP: 10 Year Anniversary Vinyl available on October 14th via Bandcamp

Good morning world, Dee Bomb here and I have some additional news about The Rehearsal EP. As you know we are dropping the 10-year anniversary version on Friday on Bandcamp.

200 Limited Copies of the record will be pressed in Vinyl form available for purchase. As always, I appreciate your support.

Bandcamp Friday Returns

Yo yo yo what’s going on world, Dee Bomb here and I just got word that Bandcamp Friday is Back.

This Friday, my entire catalog on Bandcamp will be available with them waiving their percentage of revenue, (which I appreciate). I always thank you all for supporting whether it’s coming to the shows, buying merch and music, including the streamers.

Go to my Bandcamp page and cop you some music to own at anytime.

Labor Day Weekend Show Dates

Hey what’s going on world, it’s the one and only Dee Bomb and I’m here to let everybody know that I have an additional date for the Labor Day weekend presented by Bangin Noize Entertainment. Rather you call it a mini tour or not, that’s completely up to you but I appreciate anyone that pulls up to any of the show dates.

As always, I will have merchandise for sale at the events. More details on additional performers throughout the weekend will be coming soon.

Spread the Word, Follow the Site!!

What up world, Dee Bomb here and hopefully y’all enjoyed your weekend. Since February 2022, the numbers and visitors as well as views has increased tremendously to the point 2022 is my most viewed and visited since the 2017’s launch of the website and I can’t thank you guys enough.

I still need your help, please continue to spread the word and be sure to be a follower to the site along with my social media handles so that way you can keep up on new music, news, merch, as well as show dates.

www.deebombmusic.wordpress.com | FB: Dee Bomb | Twitter: @deebombmusic | IG: @officialdeebombmusic

Don’t Forget about my September Shows coming with more fall shows on the way.

New Music Update!!

What up World, Dee Bomb here. I’m still in album Mode figuring ish out with hopefully y’all call a masterpiece because it’s definitely SPECIAL. Be ready for it.

Da Fresh Sesh Vol. 2 Trailer #3

What up world, Dee Bomb here. Check out the video and be sure to come out April 9th in Hopkins, MN at the Depot Coffee House. RSVP HERE & Merch will be available for purchase.

April 1st Bandcamp Friday

Just a few bars 👍🏿

Don’t let April fools fool you because it is that time of the month called Bandcamp Friday. In support of Independent artists as they come back from the pandemic, Bandcamp has waived their revenue share when you purchase any music or merchandise from artists like myself, first Friday of the month.

Go to My Bandcamp Page and pick up all my music 35% off!! Don’t forget if you’re in Hopkins, MN on April 9th, come out to The Depot Coffee House for Da Fresh Sesh Vol. 2

April 9th Trailer

Check Out “Da Fresh Sesh 2” Trailer

What up world, the good people over at Armageddon Productions, LLC created a trailer promoting the upcoming shows along with Bangin Noize Entertainment. Check it out and be sure to pull up to Hopkins, MN on April 9th at The Depot Coffee House.

Dee Bomb‘s Merch will be available at the Event. RSVP to come to the Show HERE

Make sure to Stream/Purchase my latest album, “The Progress Album” HERE …..65K Streams/1,500 Units & Counting and I appreciate you all for the support.