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“Words that touch Souls” 6 Year Anniversary

What up world, Dee Bomb here in full effect. Today is the 6th year anniversary of my sophomore album, “Words that touch Souls”. This album was very important to me, I was dealing with label not knowing why til this day and distribution issues that took 2 years to get my rights back. Not to mention alot of people I thought I was cool with chose sides all while working on a new sound for my album from 2015-2016.

Make sure you check out the album in the Music page and support it by purchasing the record.

The outcome was making a classic in a few people’s eyes and being able to tour 3 times off that album throughout the country. One of my most successful albums to date and I can’t thank y’all enough for that outcome. Thanks Again

Dee Bomb’s 2nd Album to Sell 1,000+ Copies!!

It is official, my sophomore album that I released in 2016, “Words that touch Souls” has officially so over a thousand copies along with over 50,000 streams. I am grateful for that especially it being my second album to do that now if you include “The Progress Album” (still my best selling album as of now), however I felt the biggest accomplishment that album did was be created for many to enjoy rather they were kids all the way up to grandparents. I cannot thank you guys enough and if you want to check out the album, feel free to go to the Music page and show your support. MORE MUSIC ON THE WAY!!

Dee Bomb’s “Circus” is his Most Streamed Song!!

I just got word, “Circus” is my most streamed song of my career to date. I want to thank you guys fir the support as well as my partner in crime, Ethan Kruger. Great production and a master with the mixing game, we been working since “Reality” album so happy to see the accomplishments an we got more to make.

Thank You to All the Supporters out there.