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Dee Bomb’s brand new album, “The Progress Album” is out now and is available on Bandcamp (Explicit & Clean Versions of the album), Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and your favorite digital store and stream platforms. The Progress Album features production from Ethan Kruger, Thawed Out Productions, and many more. The album also features Just Wulf and Cudlino.


Clean Version:

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Don’t forget, Dee Bomb will be on Instagram Live presenting The Progress Album Listening Party featuring Commentary, Q&A, etc on DECEMBER 23rd. #TheProgressAlbum

12.23.20 – The Progress Album Listening Party.

Dee Bomb “The Progress Album” Drops DECEMBER 18th

The Progress Album is the fourth studio album from Twin Cities’ hip hop artist, Dee Bomb. It’s a soulful sound mixed with his hard hitting lyrics throughout the entire record. However the main highlight throughout the album is Dee embracing his creative growth as a musician.

In 2010, Dee Bomb released The Progress Mixtape, which became his most downloaded mixtape to date and would begin a consistent and successful 10 year run for him. The Progress Album is an ode to everything that has changed along the way and made him the emcee he is today.

The album features Just Wulf and Cudlino along with Production from Dee Bomb, Thawed Out Productions, Ben Jammin K, and many more…entirely mixed & mastered by Ethan Krueger. So sit back and prepare to witness progress in action as Bangin Noize presents to you: The Progress Album 

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Dee Bomb – “Vibin with Da Munchies” Online Now

Check Out Dee Bomb 32 Bar Free Verse.
Filmed at Bangin Noize Studios.

Dee Bomb’s fourth studio album is coming 2020.

Dee Bomb New Album, “Reality” AVAILABLE NOW


1. Mic Check (The Intro)
2. Hallway Legend
3. They Know What’s Up
4. Still Complex
5. Sweatin’
6. Overdrive
7. What I Do Best
8. Reality
9. Celebrate Life
10. Before I Go

Dee Bomb’s second album, the highly acclaimed Words that touch Souls, catapulted him to new heights. From local to regional artist, constant touring, awards, record sells, so many accomplishments made with lyrics reflecting on his then 10 year career.

His new album, Reality speaks on the aftermath of the previous album’s success. Dee walks in the studio ready to speak on living a dual lifestyle, dealing with normal everyday problems while accepting the rewards in his musical career and it’s overwhelming feeling. This is his most personal and vulnerable album to date.

Dee Bomb has no features and produced majority of the album. Additional production from long time collaborating producer Thawed Out Productions as well as Eycee Slim. This album once played will state Dee Bomb’s official position in Hip Hop and it looks like he’ll be here for years to come.

Dee Bomb

Title: Reality
Release: 6.1.18
Digital: Click Here
CD: Click Here

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